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Hydroponics Fodder

Consumes 98% less water than conventional method,

Takes only 8 days duration to develop from seed to fodder while it took 45 days to grow.

Enhanced nutritive value – as the fodder contains the seed along with the fodder, it has higher crude protein content than conventional green fodder.

Fodder can be produced round the year irrespective of the failure of monsoon, land availability, natural calamities, labor shortage. Promotes sustainable agriculture and livestock production. As the fodder contains more crude protein that conventional fodder it reduces the feed cost spent on the concentrate feed to half.

Advantage of VR INTERATIONAL’s Fodder System

Inner rake made by GI angles that makes it rust proof and durable.  Fodder Tray are made with  HDPE virgin plastic 24x18inch for 10 kg/tray production. Water management done by  120 Mesh Screen Filter system, Forgers, Pressure Gauge, Air Vacuum release system, Nutrient and Sanitiser dosing System.

Hydroponic fodder along with seed and root (sprout mat) are highly edible and are rich in protein (10 – 17%).Ideal nutrients enriched fodder for livestock.

Yellow Maize, Cowpea, Horse gram, Sun hemp, Ragi, Bajra, Foxtail millet and Jowar has been grown successfully and received good response from the livestock as a fodder.

Fodder is grown completely natural without the use of any pesticides



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