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Protected Cultivation

Protected cultivation is the technique of providing favorable environmental or growth conditions to the plants. Protective cultivation practices can be defined as cropping techniques wherein the micro-climate surrounding the plant body is controlled partially/fully, as per the requirement of the plant.

The various types of protective cultivation practices have been adopting based upon the prevailing climatic condition. Among them, greenhouse/poly house is extremely useful for Round-the-year vegetable cultivation in temperate condition. Protected cultivation also known as controlled environment agriculture (CEA) is highly productive, conservative of water and land and also protective of the environment.

Protected Cultivation has following advantages

  • Provides favourable micro climatic conditions for the plants

  • Cultivation in all seasons is possible.

  • Higher yield with better quality per unit area.

  • Conserves moisture thus needs less irrigation.

  • More suitable for cultivating high value / off season crops.

  • Helps to control pest and diseases.

  • Helps in hardening of tissue cultured plants.

  • Helps in raising early nurseries.

  • Round the year propagation of planting material is possible.

  • Protects the crops from wind, rain, snow, Birds, hail etc.


We offer customized greenhouse construction to suit specific purposes. We can design and construct greenhouses for research purposes as well as for large scale commercial farming.


What is meant by terrace farming?

Availability of fresh and pesticide free vegetables are serious issue now a days. Rooftop Farming allows for a completely organic form of farming. This means it often has no pesticides or insecticides that would normally be found in trace amounts in traditionally farmed produce. 
In an accessible rooftop garden, space becomes available for localized small-scale urban agriculture, a source of safe vegetable production. Roof gardens are most often found in urban environments. Plants have the ability to reduce the overall heat absorption of the building which then reduces energy consumption.
In recent year VR international has becomes alternative name for rooftop farming in India. 
Rooftop farming benefits
-    VR international provides unique combination of Hydroponics and Soiless cultivation technique 
-    Competitively 80% less water consumption then conventional cultivation.
-    All plants grow in Total grow mix which do not attract pest.
-    Rooftop farming materials are best industrial quality like UV  and Corrosive resistance and durable.
-     Our methods of rooftop farming  is complete Soilless and user friendly 
-    Competitively 60% less weight on roof 
-    Affordable and sustainable. 


Terrace farming

We supplies Grow media and Roof top farming kits that are suitable for every level of hobby farmers

Protected Cultivation

We offer customized greenhouse construction to suit specific purposes.

Soil-less cultivation 

We are reliable source for soilless cultivation technique  such as soilless ready made grow media


project designing and organic farming consultation


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