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Aquaponics Systems

Now, with the pressure to produce more food to feed an ever-increasing world population, even countries with abundant areas of fertile soil are looking at both hydroponics and aquaponics to produce fish or food crops both in a faster growth cycle and in more volume in a given space.


With the correct inputs, hydroponics and aquaponics systems both fit those demands. Health-conscious consumers also want an increasing quality of food.

Why Aquaponics

Aquaponics can be used to raise fish and fresh produce at any scale, from very large commercial systems to very small personal setups and everything in between. Whatever the size, all aquaponics systems use the same concepts and technology.


VR INTERNATIONAL Design, Supplies, and build Aquaponics growing  systems. We provide already proven and implemented technologies at affordable costing to make projects viable. Our Scope of work shall include designing, detailing, drawing, procurement and supply of components of Aquaponics as per the system description. The system Comprises of various units under listed as Mechanical, Instrumentation and Electrical.


Our Technology is based on guidelines and recommendations of FAO which is published in FAO FISHERIES AND AQUACULTURE TECHNICAL PAPER. Other Guideline, NHB’s recommendations and IS : 14462.



Major components of Aquaponics Projects supplies by VR INTERNATIONAL


The Poly House

Fish culture Ponds

NFT Plant growing system

Auto pH Controller Dosing System

Bio Filters

Water filtration Unit



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