Neem Cake Jaivik Khad

Neem Cake Jaivik Khad

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Neem Manure   is organic byproducts of Neem seed oil production. Neem cake acts as manure and pest repellent for agriculture. It also protects plant roots reduces alkalinity in the soil by producing organic acids and it is harmless to non- target beneficial organism like pollinated honeybees, mammals & other vertebrates.

Used for Home Garden,Kitchen Garden,Tarrace/Roof Gardens,Nursery,Green Houses,Tissue Culture,Flowers,Fruits,Vegetable,Potted Plants,Plantation,Ornament Plants,Container Growing etc.

Rate of Application
1. Before Potting: Mix compost directly in Potting Soil in Ratio of 1:3 
2. After Planting: Loose the upper surface of Soil & mix the compost & put sufficient water
 Rate of Application: In Pot Soil - 1 Part Compost:3 Part Soil In Standing Pot:400gm, 800 gm & 1.5 Kgs for Small, Medium & big Pot respectively In Kitchen Garden – 100 grams per Sq.Ft area Time of Application: Recommended Twice in a Year


  • Features

    • It is an excellent Organic Soil Amendment.
    • Neem cakes are organic and natural substances. they are bio-degradable.
    • Totally chemical free.
    • You can mix neem cakes with other fertilizers.
    • It improve the texture of your soil. Their organic nature and water holding capacity also help to keep the soil aerated. This is a must for better root development.
    • Using neem cakes is cost efficient because of its sustainability.
    • Can also work as a pest repellant. these dual effects of fertilizing and pest protection can result in amazing yields.
    • Acts naturally as a broad spectrum defense mechanism which works against a wide variety of phytonematodes and soil borne insects. 
    • Benefits 
    • Improves root development and in turn, plant growth and yield. Provides rich vegetable proteins and carbs for soil microbes to ensure long term soil health and sustainability. 
  • Minimum Order Quantities

    1 kg