Ranuculus, Buttercup Flower Bulb (Pack of 5)

Ranuculus, Buttercup Flower Bulb (Pack of 5)

SKU: Ranuculus-M

Ranunculus flowers are very beautiful and add a touch of romance to your garden. Although they look delicate, Ranunculus bulbs are very hardy garden plants and need very little maintenance to thrive.

  • Sowing season:

    Rainy and early winter season,

  • How to Plant:

    Dig a hole about three times as deep as the height of the bulb, Set the bulb in the hole, then covers with soil and press firmly, Planting space of bulbs 10-15 cm apart, Water thoroughly after planting,

  • Soil:

    Garden soil + Compost + Sand (2:2:1)