Total Germination Mix

Total Germination Mix

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The germination  mix is design for provided support plant during germination. This mix provide all essential parameter required for better germination. 
The media is based with coir dust,  vermiculate, perlite. The media is balanced with primary nutrient which is need by plant at early stage of growth. Media consist of rooting hormone. Nutrient such as amino acid and secondary microbial metabolites with right amount of sea weed extract support plant during after germination growth. 
Managing porosity and water holding capacity the germination mix is excellent for nursery rising.     

  • Features

    • Free from all harmful organisms and toxic minerals.
    • Contains Groth Promoting Hormons
    • Excellent for Nursery rising 
    • Low in salt concentration 
    • Contains slow releasing Humic acid and primery nutrient like amino acids
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    5 kg 

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