Tuberose Flower Bulbs 50 Pc

SKU: Tuberosa-50

Tuberose is a half-hardy, perennial bulbous plant native to Mexico. It is popularly known as Rajanigandha or Nishigandha. It belongs to the family Amaryllidaceae. Tuberose is one of the important cut flower among the top ten cut flowers. Tuberose is an important commercial cut as well as loose flower crop due to pleasant fragrance, longer vase-life of spikes, higher returns and wide adaptability to varied climate and soil. It has a huge economic potential and more demand for cut-flower purpose.

Tuberose can be successfully grown pot plant and bedding plants. It commercially used for garland making, Aesthetic purpose, Birthday ceremony, floral arrangement such as; bouquets, rangoli, boutonnieres, Potpouri. Tuberose also uses for table purpose because it has long spike length, long post-harvest life and extremely fragrance.