Tulip Flower Bulb Random Colors(Pack of 3)

Tulip Flower Bulb Random Colors(Pack of 3)

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Tulip is first among bulbous ornamentals due to its attractively coloured and exquisite flowers.Tulips are suitable for pot culture, in beds, borders, formal and informal location. The flower is shaped like a cup or egg with six petals. 

  • Growing Guideline

    Soil: A well drained, light sandy loam soil is most suitable. In heavy soils, well-decomposed manure should be thoroughly mixed. Planting time: October-December Planting Guideline: Bulbs should be planted 5-8cm deep at 15cmx10cm spacing in beds. In a 15cm pot, 3-5 bulbs should be planted. Application of Manures & Fertilizers: No additional manures are required if soil is sufficiently rich. Flower Harvesting: Tulips flower during February-April

  • Suitable Temperature

    Night and day range between 5-10 and 20-25 C respectively during growing season. Direct sun during morning and evening is beneficial for improving its flower quality, whereas partial shade is required during mid-day (12 PM to 4 PM).