Rose Mix

Balanced food for Rose Plants

What is Rose Mix ?

Rose Mix is the ultimate balanced plant food supplement for Rose plants. It gives additional nutritional support for good foliage, increased number of blossoms and stunning color on flowering.  The nutrient contains are bound with organic elements which gives it additional edge to remain for a long time in soil/pot mix.  It contains a significant amount of natural  growth regulators, vitamins, amino acids, auxins, and gibberellins. Its Active and Alive

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Its Alive 

Rose Mix Contains consortia of 3 mixed strains of Mycorrhizal fungus a "friendly micro-organism" which helps roots to absorb nutrient and make plant disease resistance 


High quality ingredients mixed in balanced ratio to give optimum result in each pack 

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Tea Leaf Manure

pH controller

Tea leaves contain tannins, which are acidic. Tea leaf manure contains  nitrogen, which is necessary to roses for vigorous growth of stems and foliage. 


Seaweed Extract

Source of Vitamin & Minirals

It natural hormones like , Auxins, Cytokinins, Gibberellins, Trace minerals. 


Protein Mix

Source of Nitrogen

mixture of Blood meal fertilizer and Fish meal fertilizer. It is a quick-release source of nitrogen, which produces leaf growth and greener leaves.


Bone Meal manure

Source of Ca and K

Bone meal is high in the calcium & potassium that aids in the growth of the root system and is required for the production and growth of plant cells.


Neem Manure

Natural Fungicide

Neem  manure acts as a preventive agent from fungus, Root eating nematodes  and pest infestation.



Friendly Microbs 

Mixture Contains mix consortia of  beneficial mycorrhiza that helps  and support root formation and nutrient uptake