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The Ultimate Soil Quality Enhancer  for Organic farming, Potting mix and  hitech crop cultivation 

Image by Sung Jin Cho

Organic Farming

Excellent  Soil conditioners, Improve soil quality, detox field 


Super  carrier media for bio fertilizer. High keeping quality, retain sufficient moisture  and air 

Cosmatics Base

High quality base for herbals and  non herbal cosmetics products 


Improved growth performance,  egg yield,  resist  gut pathogenic bacteria and a reduction of methane production

Soil Conditioner

Biochar  improve soil's chemical, physical, and biological properties, increasing crop productivity.

biochar contains organic matter and nutrients, its addition increased soil pH, electric conductivity (EC), organic carbon (C), total nitrogen (TN), available phosphorus (P), and the cation-exchange capacity (CEC)

Hands in the Soil
Image by Eleonora Albasi

Bamboo power

Biochar produced with 100% bamboo wood. That gives consistence in quality and product parameter. 

Produced with


highest Quality

Produces with Defined Quality parameter 

Pyrolysis as heart of production method,  we produce Biochar at controlled Air and temperature to obtain desired quality and characteristics.




Quality parameter

  • Fix Carbon 65 to 95%.

  • 100% Bamboo raw material

  • Iodine value 500 - 800

  • pH  basic 

  • Pulverized  powder to grits from 

  • less Moisture less Ash contains 

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