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Hydroponics With Us 

Making hydroponics Easy 

Hydroponics  farming is not new concept but it get in lime light recently.  hydroponic growing system is best method for sustainable farming as it dose not effect environment as conventional farming. The less uses of water and  space makes its more suitable.  

         hydroponic food production consumes less water and fertilizers , hydroponic vegetables are equally testy and healthy as conventional farming .  

Why Hydroponics

hydroponic plants are healthier than their soil grown counterparts since they receive a perfectly balanced diet and do not come in contact with soil borne pests and diseases. Since hydroponic systems deliver water and nutrients directly to the plant, crops can be grown closer together without starving each other and healthier plants add to a higher yield.


By growing hydroponic vegetables under ideal conditions, hydroponics saves the costs of soil preparation, insecticides, fungicides and losses due to drought and ground flooding. Hydroponic indoor plants


VR INTERNATIONAL manufactures hydroponics system for both commercial hydroponic farming and hydroponics for the home grower . For commercial we build “A” type and  hydroponics NFT systems. Our unique design of flatbed system gives edge to cultivator to extend it   multi-level.

For hydroponic gardening at home we build system start from 28 plants capacity. Easy to fit indoor and balcony.  Domestics hydroponic system cost starts with 5000.00 rupees. Hydroponic farming cost at commercial levels depends up on choice of plants and area size.

Major components of commercial NFT system build by us:-

NFT PVC Gully: - Hydroponics gully of size 100mm x 100mm and 100mm x 60mm provided, Openable top gully/Trough, easy to clean PVC resin corrosion resistant, Compressive strength. Acid resistance, alkali resistance. Low friction coefficient, high value of utilization.

Structural Stand: - GI Angle 32x32x2 mm, Pre-fabricated, all joints on fasteners.

Water Flow system & Filtration Unit : Provided Hydro filter, duel filters screen, filter ventury , ventury injector, Brass bushings , pressure gauge , Valves and its fitting accessories.

Fertigation System: Provides very high level of dosing Precision and uniformity.



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