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Hydroponics With Us 

Making hydroponics Easy 

VR INTERNATIONAL  is becomes synonymous  to hydroponic farming  in India.  Since inception  it takes 3 years of hard work to become renowned hydroponic farming  company. VR INTERNATIONAL has becomes single source for reliable supplies for end to end  hydroponics supplies in India. From home hydroponics kits to setup of commercial hydroponics in india. With the goal of “Making  Hydroponic Easy” we are giving our best to our customer.

Hydroponic Turnkey Projects 

We offer Complete Turnkey Hydroponics Project range from 100 SqMt to 4000 SqMt. Our offer based on ROI Analysis and involve various hydroponics system such as NFT, Floating bed and substrate type cultivation.   

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Get techno-commercial Pricing for your upcoming Project

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Hydroponics Nutrient Management Plan 

Making hydroponics Easy 

We specialized in Nutritional Management  for all type of hydroponically grown crops, like capsicum, tomato, leafy greens etc ..

Get it made exclusively for you.  

get crop specific nutriment management plan for  your hydroponics farm. We offer complete Agronomy services for both exotic and domestic crops ..


write to us at for more details. 

Hydroponics for Home 

Making hydroponics Easy 

Hydroponics system is gaining its deserving popularity in india. Home hydroponics system is in demad in india.  Keeping  in mind the requirement of  domestic requirement  VR INTERNATIONAL  providing small and simple NFT based Hydroponics system.  Our  home hydroponics system start from 28 plant systems. With the understanding of beginner customer these systems are simply plug and play type with no complex electronics.  From 28 plants to 1080 planter you can find  Home  hydroponics system that are suitable for your terrace hydroponics.  

Get it made exclusively for you.  

Yes you get it right as increasing demand of rooftop hydroponics in india we understand the need and providing  best solution for hydroponic terrace farming.  We know each terrace is diffent  from one another  so ..


Get best system for you click here...

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Hydroponics equipment 

There are numerous accessories involve in Hydroponics system. You want to setup your own system with your own design, No worries get all required supplies. We are one of the major source of 
hydroponic equipment in  india, 

Being hydroponics equipment supplier in India we supply NFT channels, Stands, Filtration, Pipe connectors, controllers and lot more stuff.  

Hydroponics Accessories


Want to get trained
With us

Want to get trained for Hydroponics farming. 

Learn hydroponic farming  with us.  We have observed that with poor training and insufficient knowledge most of the commercial setup and entrepreneur have failed.   So we decided to involve ourselves for Aquaponics and Hydroponics trading.  

Hydroponic farming training is complete apprentice ship. Its full 20 days residential training with live demonstration, Nutrient management, pest control program and commercialization of crop.

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