Drip irrigation system

Drip Irrigation is essential part of Advance Agriculture.

We offer  range of high quality drip irrigation material and installation at various levers. 

Drip irrigation is used in farms, commercial greenhouses, and residential gardens. Drip irrigation is adopted extensively in areas of acute water scarcity and especially for crops and trees such as coconuts, containerized landscape trees, grapes, bananas, ber, eggplant, citrus, strawberries, sugarcane, cotton, maize, and tomatoes.




Ideal Drip Irrigation Kit for garden and roof top farming. Kit is designed for 20 bags to 100 bags  or plants. 

Each kit contains 

- Plant Grow Bags

- 16 mm Leteral drip Line 

- Micro drip line

- Dripper

- Pipe connectors 

-control Valves

- Screen Filter

- Timer  

Get High quality Water filteror filtration systems, sand separator,

Fertigation systems 
Pressure Control Valve (pressure regulator)
Distribution lines (main larger diameter pipe, pipe fittings)
Hand-operated, electronic, or hydraulic control valves and safety valves laterals
Poly fittings and accessories 
Dripper, micro spray head,

Inline dripper or inline drip tube

VR international is reliable source for irrigation accessories. Maintaining quality and customer relationship we not just installing  standard system but we do customization as per client need. Customization in fogger and mist producer for special requirement such as cut flower, Tissue culture lab and Nursery rising are also available