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Since enforcement of the Kyoto Protocol, carbon is considered as tradable assets.  These carbon units can be earned by secured capture of Greenhouse gasses (GHGs). According to   Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) guidelines of the Kyoto Protocol, carbon credits can be earned through projects based activities.

Project Registration 

Registration of Projects under CDM and .
Assistance in Validation and verification activities. 
Identification of sector wise eligible GHG mitigation program  


Assistance in Issuances of Carbon Credits governed by CDM mechanism.
Assistance in trading of earned Carbon credits.


Project Planning, Identification of eligible sectors and project inception documentation  
Baseline Study, Feasibility survey, Stakeholder Consultation 

Meeting With Global Climate Goal 

VR International is committed to programs running towards controlling climate changes. We extend our expertise to serious personnel/organizations/NGOs. 
Our primary aim is to be a part of various initiatives mitigating climate changes by Aligning our-self with Global goals and India’s  GHG emission reduction targets. 

Why VR ?

We offer our clients carbon credit advisory services For eligible GHG removal  projects  aiming  to mitigate climate change. We help our client to identify sector specific projects and their eligibility for impact registry.

Our Specialization in A/R Forestry Projects , Tree Plantation , community Biomass Reduction projects, Renewable Energy , Composting and Biofertilizer Projects .   

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