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About Us

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Who Are We

Launched in 2016, VR INTERNATIONAL  is the leading end to end source for Hydroponics and Aquaponics.  Till now   Our  specialty is to implement advanced agriculture practices with affordable costing.  From Consulting to commissioning  we are engaged with farm owners in Pan India level 

What We Do


Our journey started with Farming consultation,  We offer techno-commercial consultancy  .for exotic vegetable, Organic Farming certification, Hydroponics and Aquaponics  


We are specialized in installation, fabrication, commissioning  of Poly house, Green house, Net house, Hydroponics Systems, Aquaponics System, RAS fish Farming   


Get Supplies for your farming business like high Quality Nutrients, Hormones', Micronutrients, Imported seeds, Hydroponics Aquaponics accessories, green house accessories 

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Get affordable pricing for your farming projects, ROI  based approach. We relies on Techno-commercial feasibility of project and treat customer as partner


Having specialized team with practical experience. we implement newest available technologies and innovative ideas  to make project more profitable

VR - Innovative

Continuously  improving our tech to  deliver better results to our customers. We adopt available technologies and make them implement in affordable manner


Want to discussed on your next farming business or  any problem with existing crop or want to upgrad

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