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Hydroponic Nutrients

We offer Nutrition and substrate supplements for Hydroponics

With the years of experience we offers simplified and easy to use nutritional and growth media range for hydroponics cultivators Novel mixture of high grade compounds, sole elements, suitable for Domestic and large scale cultivation .

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Innovative All Purpose hydroponics Premix that suit every stage of plants growth as vegetation, Flowering, Fruiting. Total hydroponics is standalone Nutritional premix for hydroponics cultivation. Its Pre-balanced nutritional formulation that suits for all types of common hydroponics plants.

Nutrient Management Plan

Get Crop Specific Nutrient management plan for commercial scale farming. 

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All About Micronutrient 

Complete Range of Soluble Micro and Trace Element 

Balance your  Nutrient solution with high quality Micro and trace element in affordable pricing. Order online and get shipment at your door. 

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