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Iron is used up in some of the most vital functions of plants, such as: Chlorophyll and enzyme production Nitrogen fixation Metabolism and development This is a soluble iron complex, primarily designed to make iron soluble in water for use in agricultural purposes. A chelated iron fertilizer is one of the most popular and efficient methods of treating chlorosis. In horticulture, chelated iron fertilizer is referred to as sequestered iron and serves as a plant tonic, where its mixed with other plant foods and nutrients. It’s quite an inexpensive fertilizer, mainly used in foliar spraying.

Total - Iron EDTA Chelated Fe Micronutrient

SKU: Iron-100
    • Total-Iron as EDTA Fe 12% .          
    • Micronutrient product with EDTA chelated.      
    • Easy to absorb by leaves due to its special chelation process.
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