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VR INTERNATIONAL is one of the leading name in Hydroponics Farm equipment. We engaged in manufacturing and suppling of Hydroponics Systems, Hydroponics Nutrients, Aquaponics, RES Systems and much more. Our indigenous technology gives us edge to reduce  hydroponic farming cost. We are not just only for commercial growers our iconic Total Hydroponics is becomes alternative name for hydroponic farming at home. Contact us for hydroponic farming business plan and hydroponic farming systems


Aquaponics is proven success full for sustainable farming methods. With the understanding of how does aquaponics work  VR INTERNATIONAL integrates advance techniques for water and fish culture management with Hydroponics to get maximum Return with aquaponics farm. Our aquaponics design suites for small farmers with as low as 1500 aquaponics fish.  

Plants Saplings

We identifies the requirement of good quality planting materials and meeting with requirement we offers not plant saplings of not just common plants but also high value exotics plants. Our vegetable plant seedling match with Indian Crop cycle

Hydroponics Nutrients

We are Making hydroponics easy by suppling user friendly Hydroponics Nutrients and Hydroponics media. Our iconic All purpose Hydroponics Premix has gained its reputation and becomes one of the top selling hydroponics nutrients india.  Its hydroponics nutrients formula support plant in all stages of growth.  Apart from it we also suppliesgeneral hydroponics nutrients and stand alone micro nutrients and their combination.   If you don’t know where to buy hydroponics nutrient solution  we are also present in major e-commerce platform. Each orders comes with hydroponic nutrient chart for vegetables and hydroponic nutrient solution EC guide.

Hydroponics Fodder System

It is our pleasure to introduce you our Hydroponics based fodder production system. Many of the livestock farmers are switching to hydroponic fodder production from conventional production methods, as the fodder produced by this method are highly nutritious, provide sustainable fodder production round the year and conserve water. Our hydroponics fodder machine price fits in to the budget. Ours system is compactible with  all type of hydroponic fodder seeds. VR Internationals hydroponic fodder system design  eliminates hydroponic fodder disadvantages such as humidity control and fungal contamination. We design  automated hydroponic fodder systems and semi-automated also. In the system hydroponic fodder cost per kg is less than 2 rupee/kg.

Terrace farming

We supplies Grow media and Roof top farming kits that are suitable for every level of hobby farmers

Protected Cultivation

We offer customized greenhouse construction to suit specific purposes.

Soil-less cultivation 

We are reliable source for soilless cultivation technique  such as soilless ready made grow media


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