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VR INTERNATIONAL is one of the leading name in Hydroponics Farm equipment. We engaged in manufacturing and suppling of Hydroponics Systems, Hydroponics Nutrients, Aquaponics, RES Systems and much more. Our indigenous technology gives us edge to reduce  hydroponic farming cost. We are not just only for commercial growers our iconic Total Hydroponics is becomes alternative name for hydroponic farming at home. Contact us for hydroponic farming business plan and hydroponic farming systems


soilless cultivation

Soilless farming in India has recently gains its reputation.  Soilless agriculture refers to growing plants in  soilless media Its low cost and high return technology. Soilless cultivation of flowers and vegetables is now trending among urban gardeners.

Soilless farming is nothing but growing plants on substrate other then soil. soilless farming methods has certain advantages over conventional farming.  Several material better known as Soilless growing media were being used for this purpose.

VR INTERNATIONAL Supplies unique Soiless Total Grow Mix, Potting Mix, and Germination mix along with Grow bags and Drip accessories . 

Aquaponics & RAS

Aquaponics can be used to raise fish and fresh produce at any scale, from very large commercial systems to very small personal setups and everything in between. Whatever the size, all aquaponics systems use the same concepts and technology.


VR INTERNATIONAL Design, Supplies, and build Aquaponics growing  systems. We provide already proven and implemented technologies at affordable costing to make projects viable. Our Scope of work shall include designing, detailing, drawing, procurement and supply of components of Aquaponics as per the system description. The system Comprises of various units under listed as Mechanical, Instrumentation and Electrical.


Our Technology is based on guidelines and recommendations of FAO which is published in FAO FISHERIES AND AQUACULTURE TECHNICAL PAPER. Other Guideline, NHB’s recommendations and IS : 14462.




VR INTERNATIONAL, your number ultimate source for all things associated with Advance Agriculture. We're dedicated to providing you the very best of Hydroponics, Aquaponics and non-conventional Farming, with an emphasis on Quality, Advance technologies and Client’s returns.

Our Unique Supplies included Hydroponics Nutrient , Aquaponics STEM, Soilless Grow Mix, Potting Mix,Plants Seedlings , Flower Bulbs and Much More