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We are specialized in Hydroponics Nutrient Management , RAS fish Farming   Hydroponics and Aquaponics Projects, We offer techno-commercial consultancy  .for Agronomy  exotic vegetable, Organic Farming certification,

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VR INTERNATIONAL is the leading brand  in Hydroponics Farm Setups. We engaged in manufacturing and suppling of Hydroponics Systems, Hydroponics Nutrients. Our indigenous technology gives us edge to reduce  hydroponic farming cost. We are not just only for commercial growers our iconic Total Hydroponics is becomes alternative name for hydroponic farming at home. 

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Plant Saplings 

 at VR INTERNATIONAL you can find saplings of fruit and vegetables plants for your farming projects.

Aquaponics & RAS

VR INTERNATIONAL Design, Supplies, and build Aquaponics growing  systems. We provide already proven and implemented technologies at affordable costing to make projects viable. Our Scope of work shall include designing, detailing, drawing, procurement and supply of components of Aquaponics as per the system description. The system Comprises of various units under listed as Mechanical, Instrumentation and Electrical.



Hydroponics & Aquaponics Nutrients 

We offer Nutrition and substrate supplements for Hydroponics

With the years of experience we offers simplified and easy to use nutritional and growth media range for hydroponics cultivators Novel mixture of high grade compounds, sole elements, suitable for Domestic and large scale cultivation .

Vegetable Garden

Organic Farming

VR INTERNATIONAL, your number ultimate source for all things associated with Organic Farming.  with an emphasis on Quality, Advance technologies and Client’s returns.

Our Consultancy  included Nutrient Management,  Agronomy services and certifications. 


Poly House and Green House

We are engaged in  construction of  Green house, Polyhouse, Fan pad Poly house, Shed Net poly house.

Media and Manures 

VR INTERNATIONAL is synonymous for soilless media in Modern agriculture. Our most iconic Total grow mix is perform great not only in bag type system but also in Hydroponics and Aquaponics System 

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Domestic Hydroponics System 

Suitable for Domestic and hobby growers and may be utilized for small scale leafy veggies cultivation, learning and trial purpose.

Hydroponics Fodder  

VR International specialized in fabrication and installation of Hi-tech as well as low cost Hydroponics Fodder System. 

Depending up on client need we build up fodder system from 50 kg onwards. 

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The Ultimate Soil Quality Enhancer  for Organic farming, Potting mix and  hi-tech crop cultivation 

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