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Hydroponic Fodder 

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Hydroponics Fodder

Hydroponics fodder is nutritious, digestible and available round the year .


we at VR International specialized in fabrication of  semi-automictic type of Hydroponics Fodder System.  we build up fodder system from having production capacity of 100 kg per day onwards. 

Our Design 

- Environmental controlled Fan pad type, Green house outer structure.

- Complete outer and inner structure made form Galvanized Iron.

- High efficient fogger.

- Control panel, Equipped with cyclic timers and humidity sensor controller. 

- Openable Joints, so that entire structure can be relocated easily.

- Easy to handle pre-drilled fodder trays made form virgin plastic. 

- Seven layer design. 

VRI_hydroponic Fodder.jpg

What is Hydroponics Fodder

Many livestock farmers are switching to hydroponic fodder production from conventional production methods, as the fodder produced by this method is highly nutritious, provides sustainable fodder production round the year and conserves water.


Hydroponic fodder along with seed and root (sprout mat) are highly edible and are rich in protein (10 – 17%). Consumes 90% less water than conventional methods. Takes only 8 days duration to develop from seed to fodder while it took 45 days for a conventional fodder to grow. 

Silent feature of Hydroponics Fodder System 

Up to 1000 kg green fodder can be produced from 500 square feet area daily.

Use 90% less land than conventional production method.

Fodder can be produced round the year irrespective of the failure of monsoon, land availability, natural calamities, labour shortage.


Promotes sustainable agriculture and livestock production.

Production cost is optimal when compared to conventional fodder production.

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