Making Your Farming 

Advance Sustainable  & Organic

Turn your hobby and Love to your existing farming practices in to sustainable, profitable and most important in to Organic Farming. Believe in Advance Agriculture practices, we make them available for you. Irrespective of scale, even you can start with your own terrace, small or big farmland…...Try for yourself



Transforming agricultural practices are need of hour. We at VR International believes Implementation of Advance agriculture practices may be the solution of rising and upcoming issues. Since inception we are working to make agriculture practices cost effective, Sustainable and profitable to cultivators.

                      With the proven methods of Hydroponics, Aquaponics and organic farming we offer our agronomy expertise to Farmers.

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Bringing Change 


Making Hydroponics Easy

VR INTERNATIONAL is one of the leading name in Hydroponics Farm equipment. We engaged in manufacturing and supplying of Hydroponics Systems, Hydroponics Nutrients


Protected Cultivation 

Being the part of Advance Agriculture with integration of experienced partners we build naturally ventilated playhouses, Net house, Fanpad systems  etc


Fruit & Veggies Plants Seedlings

We identifies the requirement of good quality planting materials and meeting with requirement we offers not plant saplings of not just common plants but also high value exotics plants. 




soilless farming in India has recently gains its reputation.  soilless agriculture refers to growing plants in  soilless media Its low cost and high return technology

Silver Fish

Aquaponics and RAS System

Aquaponics is proven success full for sustainable farming methods. With the understanding of how does aquaponics work  VR INTERNATIONAL integrates advance techniques for water .


Terrace &  Rooftop 


To avoid veggies with harmful pesticides most  of peoples want to grow their own vegetables. We supplies Grow media and Roof top farming kits that are suitable for every level of hobby farmers

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